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So, apparently some people are under the misconception that Tim was never called Boy Wonder and instead was only called Teen Wonder? 

Except he wasn’t. 





Tim was called Boy Wonder all the time actually. And he had no problem with it. 


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DC COMICS MEME: 1/5 female characters » Barbara Gordon

"A lot of the time it’s like you Batguys want me to hold onto the past because you can’t get over it. Understand — I have. I have a new life now. One I like — one that fulfills me. It’s not the same as the one I had before, but it’s good. Maybe even better."

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batman #636

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But in another way, a better, more loving way — Batgirl never really left us at all.

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tris reads comics: batgirl v2 001 (2009)

Just a girl playing pretend in a hand-me-down costume…a girl breaking promises she never should have made.

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For vespertacit,   
                                               ❝C A S S A N D R A   C A I N ❞

                                                ⎾Sister , Daughter, Soldier ⏌
«She is the sister to all the boys and girls in the Wayne family and the daughter of a great man. She is the source of motivation, admiration, and hope for the Robins. She is the best friend and fellow confidant to one Spoiler. She is the heir to the Batgirl mantle and later, she is the face of Black Bat. She is loved, unforgotten, and forever—»
                                                 ⎡The One Who Is All ⎦ 

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Red Robin by Eddy Barrows

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The Dynamic Duo: New 52

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Superman/Batman #55

Nightwing had a good teacher

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I’d just like to remind everyone that Stephanie Brown slapped Batman once, and it was just as awesome and just as hilarious as you might expect