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- A Lonely Place of Dying

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- Gotham Knights #8

Bet you’ve seen this panel a dozen times or so before, right? Well here is where it belongs in context.

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- Gotham Knights #8

You two utterly adorable dorks!

Tim asks some interesting questions, and i actually find the part that follows very interesting. We’ll get to that.

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The Bat and Flash Family  ~ by EricCanete

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So, apparently some people are under the misconception that Tim was never called Boy Wonder and instead was only called Teen Wonder? 

Except he wasn’t. 





Tim was called Boy Wonder all the time actually. And he had no problem with it. 


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Red Robin by Eddy Barrows

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I’m continuing the Tim-on-stool joke *shot*

Tim is actually shorter than both Stephanie and Harper (◡‿O) Btw, Steph & Harper are not glaring at each other in the 1st panel, they are rolling their eyes at Tim.

In which I address two current issues: now that Steph is back, I REALLY hope they won’t write a Steph-Tim-Harper love triangle. Also, Tim Drake is a loser no matter which universe he’s in. He tries, friend, he tried to track-and-field his way out and standing on stools, but Jason is having none of it :))

Notes: I changed my signature, since my old one is basically a unrecognizable jumble of lines :/

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Batman Incorporated #06

Meanwhile in the batcave …

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Transparent Red Hood and Red Robin ready to rock and roll

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-Red Robin 14-

Dick changed Tim’s password to Cousin Oliver