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I’m continuing the Tim-on-stool joke *shot*

Tim is actually shorter than both Stephanie and Harper (◡‿O) Btw, Steph & Harper are not glaring at each other in the 1st panel, they are rolling their eyes at Tim.

In which I address two current issues: now that Steph is back, I REALLY hope they won’t write a Steph-Tim-Harper love triangle. Also, Tim Drake is a loser no matter which universe he’s in. He tries, friend, he tried to track-and-field his way out and standing on stools, but Jason is having none of it :))

Notes: I changed my signature, since my old one is basically a unrecognizable jumble of lines :/

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Batman Incorporated #06

Meanwhile in the batcave …

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Transparent Red Hood and Red Robin ready to rock and roll

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-Red Robin 14-

Dick changed Tim’s password to Cousin Oliver

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At the end of the day, I have to accept that I can control everything… except the things I can’t control.

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Azrael #56

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"I know you’re not going to, but if you need anything, please give me a shout.”

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So I tried to rebuild the family I had lost in my time away and rededicate ourselves to keeping Gotham safe from all the monsters who wanted to see her burn.

Robin Rises - Omega #1