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"I know you’re not going to, but if you need anything, please give me a shout.”

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So I tried to rebuild the family I had lost in my time away and rededicate ourselves to keeping Gotham safe from all the monsters who wanted to see her burn.

Robin Rises - Omega #1

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superman/batman #75 (friendly advice)

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- Joker: Last Laugh #05

'Robin is dead.'

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2 Weeks remaining until Tim Drake’s b-day.

So, I was searching for some random Tim appearances in the Nightwing ongoing series, and came accross this fantastic one from issue #20 of that series, set during the Cataclysm, before it’s devolved into No Man’s Land.

Here we get to see both:

A) Tim’s first face-to-face meeting with Babs and

B) a heart-warming (if brief) reunion with his father.

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Julia, my dear, excuse us a moment … I think you’ll recall Master Timothy has some lady troubles. You know … teenagers.

Batman Eternal #12

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Batman Eternal #12

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- Joker: Last Laugh #06

We now come to the crux of things. And to that person who in bold and big letters protested that this wasn’t just about Tim, but Jason too, ere’s your answer to that.

Obviously Dick is completely blinded by emotion and rage. Everything is falling apart for him. He wasn’t there when Jason died and now he couldn’t prevent Tim’s death.