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While all the boys can always save the day
No one does it better than the Birds of Prey (x)

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I just want them to have a hilariously awkward girls’ night out, is that too much to ask?

(Gotham City Sirens #2)

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The true end of Catwoman #1

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Heart Knight Detectives

Illustrations by Bill Walko

DeviantART ll Website

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love these two.

Batman 618

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Stepmomma-Selina! :-)

(Okay, her dynamic with Babs is not actually motherly at all, and in fact if I were into that kind of thing I’d probably say they were highly slashable, but whatever, Babs is still a Batkid so she still gets included.)

I love, love, love seeing Selina interact with the non-Bruce members of the Batfamily, because some of those dynamics are just so unexpected and so awesome. I don’t even know which of these scenes is my favorite: her being adorable with Steph, or Jason telling her she’s “got herself a date”, or her calling Dick out on the way he thinks exactly (seriously, she is so spot-on), or the fact that she takes one look at Damian in all his bratty glory and her only comment is “Cute kid”.

Seriously. “Cute kid.”

Akgkdfvktyh Selina, you need to marry Bruce RIGHT NOW and raise these kids because you are perfect and I need you to interact with them ALL THE TIME.

And then there’s her kissing Tim on the cheek, and his facial expression, which is utterly hilarious and perfect and basically I love every one of these scenes, okay.

(Except the one with Cass, which is actually in rather poor humor, IMO, but it’s seriously hard to find scenes of them interacting. More, better SelinaxCass interaction, plz?)