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So I tried to rebuild the family I had lost in my time away and rededicate ourselves to keeping Gotham safe from all the monsters who wanted to see her burn.

Robin Rises - Omega #1

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2 Weeks remaining until Tim Drake’s b-day.

So, I was searching for some random Tim appearances in the Nightwing ongoing series, and came accross this fantastic one from issue #20 of that series, set during the Cataclysm, before it’s devolved into No Man’s Land.

Here we get to see both:

A) Tim’s first face-to-face meeting with Babs and

B) a heart-warming (if brief) reunion with his father.

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Nightwing: Target
pencil by Scott McDaniel & Aaron Sowd

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Batman and Robin Annual v2 #2

written by Peter Tomasi
art by Dough Mahnke & Patrick Gleason

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We’ll now Mr. Nightwing has had one to many :)

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Batman and Robin v2 #12

Favourite page in all of Batman and Robin v2 for now. All the batboys gathered to rescue Gotham! Jason basically caught Damian before he could fall and Jason having a foot fetisch has been accepted as a new headcanon! (even if it’s a joke, somewhat? Does Damian ever joke? erm.)

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Robin evolutions :)

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Panel Request: Bruce, your family’s sick of your shit.