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Batman Eternal #15

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Barbara Gordon, as requested by an Anon

and Jason Todd, as requested by jason-peter-al-ghul

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Batman Eternal #12

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You’re angry. That’s good, we can use angry. But you’ve missed some key pieces of evidence. I’m not here to stop you. I’m just here to make sure we do this right

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Batman and Robin v2 #12

Favourite page in all of Batman and Robin v2 for now. All the batboys gathered to rescue Gotham! Jason basically caught Damian before he could fall and Jason having a foot fetisch has been accepted as a new headcanon! (even if it’s a joke, somewhat? Does Damian ever joke? erm.)

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Robin evolutions :)

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Panel Request: Bruce, your family’s sick of your shit.

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Pages 14 - 17 of Meghan Hetrick’s original inks for Nightwing #30. It was going to be written by James Tynion IV. You can see all the pages and buy them here!

I don’t see why they couldn’t have easily adjusted this story slightly to work with the Spyral thing. If I’m seeing things right, Dick is still alive at the end of this story. This one would have broken my heart, and I was looking forward to that.

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There she is. And she’s never looked more beautiful. Even with all the animals, plants, fish, birds and other vermin cluttering up that rock we call home.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #31

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"This thinly veiled attempt to be both familiar and passive aggressive will neither disarm nor unbalance us.”

passive-aggressive familiarity, indeed. i think jason can’t help himself from “reaching out” to his estranged family, but he also does not want them to reach back because fuck you, but he also totally does because he misses them. so instead of reaching out with an olive branch like a normal person, he just acts like a total asshole and snarks at them and terrorizes them a bit because self-sabotage is his forte.

basically jason todd is difficult.

from Batman and Robin #25